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Workouts specifically designed for busy women to benefit from STRENGTHENING, EMPOWERING, EFFECTIVE & EXPERTLY COACHED workouts which are easy to follow, time, space and cost efficient and use only minimal equipment.

Her Strength workouts help you get your ESSENTIAL STRENGTH TRAINING done from home, with expert coaching, guidance, demonstrations and positive encouragement throughout.

If you can get yourself to your exercise mat and click play on the workout – I am right there welcoming you in to the workout with a smile, easing you in to the workout with a warm up and taking you through each exercise step by step.

As your online trainer I will champion you to become stronger, fitter and more mobile; physically more capable & functional and mentally more confident & resilient, driven by the notion of ‘STRONG IN BODY STRONG IN MIND’.

The workouts focus on safe and effective technique, building strength, endurance, fitness, improving posture and core strength as well as mobility and function within the body.

I do not believe in preying on women’s insecurities, so you will not find me mentioning diets, fat loss, weight loss or torching calories etc within the Her Strength workouts.

Her Strength workouts will build you up – stronger, fitter, more physically capable and more confident.

Join today FREE for 7 days and let me help you step into your strength, empower you into getting active and boost your fitness and energy levels.

Have a read below of what some of our members have to say – get started today and you could be feeling like this too!

It would be wonderful to welcome you into the membership.

Lucinda x

Lucinda Following Online Workout

Feedback from Her Strength On-Demand Members


I’ve been following your workouts since last October / November.  My exercise plan has always been about weight loss.  I’m doing well since starting, I’m down almost 1.5 stone. 

However, my epiphany today is that it’s no longer about loosing weight… While doing one of your workouts this morning, my mind drifted to how much I enjoy strength training.  I love dumbbells!  

I feel so much stronger at the moment and I feel almost at peace with myself and my body!  I think that maybe sounds really strange and I can’t express it properly, but the confidence you’ve helped me achieve is worth so much more than weight loss!  

I look forward to my workouts as it’s time for me! And I’ve also started running with a friend which is something I never through I’d do!  

Thanks again for all the information and inspiration!


I can highly recommend Lucy’s Her Strength fitness platform. I’d been using another fitness platform for some time, so it took me a little while to decide to switch: I haven’t looked back! There are a huge number of workouts to choose from and they’re continually added to. Plus, Lucy’s encouragement and tips to make the particular exercises as effective as possible are exactly what you need when working out at home.

Personally, I particularly like the structured courses. I love that I don’t have to think about which workout to do that day and whether I’ve covered all the right muscle groups throughout the week. I tend to do a course during term time, but then I know I have a variety of workouts that I can dip into during the busier holidays when I don’t necessarily have as much time. I’ve even managed to do some of the 10 min blitz/no equipment workouts while away!

I can definitely feel a difference to my strength levels and I feel more confident as a result. My physio has also commented on how she can see a change in the strength in my back (which in turn has helped with neck pain). If this wasn’t enough, I was diagnosed with osteopenia over ten years ago. My recent bone density scan came back as normal for the first time since my diagnosis. The only lifestyle change that I have introduced in that time is to move from a more cardio-based workout to Lucy’s more strength-based workouts. 


Being a busy mum of four, the Her Strength on demand platform has been fantastic in being able to get some quality workouts completed at home within short time frames. The platform has such an array of workouts which can be chosen by workout duration or if you want to work specific muscles or choosing a specific programme. There is so much content which Lucy updates on a regular basis keeping me interested in trying new workouts. Lucy gives so much encouragement and essential tips to make me feel confident in increasing the weights I use. I can see the progression I have made since signing up to the platform and would highly recommend!


I just wanted to reach out to you and say how truly grateful I am that I stumbled across your page.

I can’t tell you how much your workouts have enhanced my life. I’m stronger, happier in myself, it’s improved my relationship with my husband! ? I just absolutely love every second of your sessions.

I’m a very busy mum of 2 with 2 businesses and the platform just suits my lifestyle to a T! I know I’ve always got 10 minutes at least to do one of your 10 minute blitz sessions, even if my day is crazy busy!!

So ‘thank you’ Lucinda for being the best instructor I have EVER had (and I’ve seen a few over the years! ?) but seriously, your constant coaching, explaining, motivation is just 100% bang on! You get in my head! ??


I have been using the Her Strength on-demand workout subscription for over a year now and it is honestly absolutely amazing.  As a working mum of 3 kids it has helped me not only become physically stronger but has also helped me stay mentally strong too. 

I love the fact there is such a wide range of workouts to choose from and you can always find something to fit in with the time you have/ the style of workout you want to do.  Sometimes I follow the structured Thrive in 5 courses which are included in the subscription and are so helpful as you can follow a clear plan and it takes the need for planning/ thinking what workout to choose away.  Whilst other times, such as the school holidays when life is in less of a routine, i tend to just pick ad hoc workouts to fit the time I have.  I have even used the no equipment workouts whilst on holiday.

The actual workouts themselves are so clear and easy to follow – it is like having a proper PT session with Lucy with great cues to make sure you are getting the exercises right.

I think the other really important thing that using Lucy’s on-demand workout subscription has really helped me with is learning is that I can actually fit workouts into my week amidst the juggle of being a mum/ work/ life – it doesn’t need to take a huge amount of time or require leaving the house to go to the gym/ class and I can still get a really effective workout (and the important endorphin high afterwards!).

Features of Her Strength On-Demand


Beginner Friendly Strength & Fitness (re)Start Programs

Two great structured programs to get you re)started: connect to the muscles, learn technique & start to build strength, stamina, fitness & mobility. Choose from either a structured programme of 4 x 20min workouts a week for 3 weeks, or our 31day x 15min challenge. Helping you create a manageable regular exercise habit.

8 x Structured Workout Programs

Reduce decision fatigue with our structured workout programs. There's a 3-week fitness (re)start, a 31-day 15min challenge and 4 x "Thrive in 5" programs, our "Commit" programme taking you through 12 weeks of strength & fitness, and also a Strength for Runners program. Work through the programs by following the structure or in your own time.

250+ Workouts in the Searchable Library

All workouts are on-demand & in real-time - simply click play & follow along with expert coaching & encouragement throughout. Feels like you have your own PT in the room with you.

Strengthening Low-Impact Focus

Build strength, effectively engage muscles, reduce imbalances within the body, improve posture & core strength. Expect to work at an effective, mindful pace rather than jumping around putting stress on the body with hiit workouts. My workouts act to strengthen, support & stabilise you & make you more supple.

Minimal home-fitness equipment

Whole platform can be followed using only: dumbbells, mini loop resistance bands, a step (sturdy chair / coffee table / stool / bench can work instead) & a pilates ball (pillow / cushion can work instead). Many zero-equipment workouts too.

Durations from 10-60mins

Something for everyone no matter how much or how little time you have to devote to your workout.

Expert Coaching

I guide you through technique, alignment, tempo, posture, muscular recruitment, core engagement, what you're working & meant to be feeling, trouble shooting common mistakes. I give progressions & regressions of exercises where appropriate & loads of empowering encouragement.

Woman's Training Specialist

I coach you through the workouts based on my 12+ years experience specialising in training women. I use my qualifications & experience in strength & conditioning, pre & post natal training & pilates to design & coach the workouts.

Calm, Kind, Mindful Tone

The tone of the workout matters. I'm here to greet you with smiles, meet you where you're at, reduce workout intimidation & cajole you with kindness into performing your best.

Warm up & Stretches Included

Each workout includes a short introduction talk, the warm up & post workout stretches - so you know you're looking after your body as well as working it.

Search by Workout Duration or Workout Type / Target Area

The workouts are categorised to make it as easy as possible for you to find one you fancy.

4K video - Play Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Simply click play and follow along, from home, at a gym - or even on holiday. You can screen share to a big TV screen too. Fuss free fitness at your fingertips.

A little more about me

Lucinda Newman-Jones

Lucinda Newman-Jones

Lucinda Newman-Jones is an award winning fitness trainer, a mum of three daughters and founder of Her Strength - an on-demand, home-workout platform that makes effective, low-impact strength training available to busy professional women and mums across the globe.

Lucinda champions women to thrive by becoming stronger, fitter and more mobile: physically more capable & functional and mentally more confident & resilient, driven by the notion of strong in body, strong in mind’.

As a trusted expert in her field, Lucinda has been awarded the title of “The Best Fitness Trainer in Surrey 2021”. Lucinda qualified in 2009 with an Advanced Diploma in Personal Training with Future Fit and has added qualifications in mat based pilates and pre and post natal training, amongst many others, to her professional repertoire.

Lucinda coaches the workouts on the Her Strength on-demand platform drawing on her cross-discipline experience and expertise in Strength & Conditioning, Pilates and Pre/Post Natal training.

Lucinda advocates the plethora of physical and mental health benefits that exercise - and specifically strength training - provides for women. She believes exercise is a tool of “active self care” and chooses to focus on the powerful gains that exercise serves women rather than fixating on the archaic concept of eternally chasing a shrinking frame!

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