3 x 30min Classes Live (or on-demand) each week

Helping you hit your ABCs of fitness each week. ALL you need is these 3 workouts: Arms & Upper Body | Build that Base | Core & Cardio

Short, effective workouts in the 31day x 15min challenge

Great for busy women and beginners; create a little & often fitness habit while gaining strength, improving mobility and increasing cardio fitness

No Equipment, no problem

There's a whole section dedicated to tonnes of zero-equipment workouts to get you started. My body-weight only workouts are fun and effective! You can take them fast or slow, but be ready for the burn ;)

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3 x 30min LIVE workouts per week: the "ABCs of Fitness" (or access on-demand)

Unlimited access to 250+ workouts in searchable workout library

8 x Structured workout plans & challenges

Welcome zone to help you get started

Beginner friendly fitness programmes

Workouts from 10-60min duration

Suitable for all from beginner to experienced

Expert coaching, full demonstration, positive encouragement

Exercise options given (progressions & regressions)

Minimal equipment - Dumbbells, mini-loop band & a step (e.g. sturdy chair / stool or low table)

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I'll champion you every step of the way - with a warm welcome & positive encouragement. You'll feel empowered, strong & able to tackle your day with energy & confidence.

Best for busy women

Simply press play & follow along for essential strength training & expert coaching with minimal equipment.

Expert PT Coaching

In depth coaching, guiding & demonstrating through every exercise. Members regularly claim it's like having a PT session.

Empower -ing Workouts

With an ethos to build you up with strength, fitness, mobility, energy, resilience & confidence gains.

Join hundreds of Her Strength ladies becoming motivated, empowered and strong

I have been using the Her Strength on-demand workout subscription for over a year now and it is honestly absolutely amazing.  As a working mum of 3 kids it has helped me not only become physically stronger but has also helped me stay mentally strong too.

- Lizzie A

The workouts are so clear and easy to follow – it is like having a proper PT session with Lucinda with great cues to make sure you are getting the exercises right.

- Her Strength Member

Lucy’s on-demand workout subscription has really helped me learn that I can actually fit workouts into my week amidst the juggle of being a mum/ work/ life – it doesn’t need to take a huge amount of time or require leaving the house to go to the gym/ class and I can still get a really effective workout (and the important endorphin high afterwards!).

- Elizabeth

I just wanted to reach out to you and say how truly grateful I am that I stumbled across your page.  I can’t tell you how much your workouts have enhanced my life. I’m stronger, happier in myself, it’s improved my relationship with my husband! ? I just absolutely love every second of your sessions.

- Michelle

I’m a very busy mum of 2 with 2 businesses and the platform just suits my lifestyle to a T! I know I’ve always got 10 minutes at least to do one of your 10 minute blitz sessions, even if my day is crazy busy!!

- Her Strength Member

Thank you Lucinda for being the best instructor I have EVER had (and I’ve seen a few over the years! ?) but seriously, your constant coaching, explaining, motivation is just 100% bang on! You get in my head! ??

- M.B.

Being a busy mum of four, the Her Strength on demand platform has been fantastic in being able to get some quality workouts completed at home within short time frames.

- Jeannette

Lucy gives so much encouragement and essential tips to make me feel confident in increasing the weights I use. I can see the progression I have made since signing up to the platform and would highly recommend!

- J.S.

I can highly recommend Lucy’s Her Strength fitness platform. I’d been using another fitness platform for some time, so it took me a little while to decide to switch: I haven’t looked back!

- Karen

Lucinda’s encouragement and tips to make the particular exercises as effective as possible are exactly what you need when working out at home.

- K.S.

I can definitely feel a difference to my strength levels and I feel more confident as a result. My physio has also commented on how she can see a change in the strength in my back (which in turn has helped with neck pain). If this wasn’t enough, I was diagnosed with osteopenia over ten years ago. My recent bone density scan came back as normal for the first time since my diagnosis. The only lifestyle change that I have introduced in that time is to move from a more cardio-based workout to Lucy’s more strength-based workouts.

- Her Strength Member

Thank you so much Lucy!  Littlest is now 8 weeks old and I am so excited to get back to the mat!  Have started following your ‘fitness restart’ package today and LOVE the ease of outsourcing the workout planning to your expert self.  So helpful to be able to press play and get all the motivation I need to finish the workout.

- Claire

Feel motivated, build strength & fitness, increase confidence & feel empowered with Lucinda's effective workouts & positive coaching

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Dedicated Welcome Zone

Lucinda Posing in Her Strength Studio

31day x 15min Challenge

3 week Strength & Fitness (re)Start

12 week 'Commit' plan

Lucinda Jogging

Strength for Runners plan

Lucinda with Hands on Hips Smiling

Thrive in 5 plans

3 x 30min Live Workouts each week

Zero Equipment Workouts

Guides to accompany structured plans

Accountability trackers

Searchable Workout Library - by duration / workout type / body area

A little about Lucinda...

I’m Lucinda, an award winning fitness trainer with 15+ years experience, a mum of three daughters and founder of Her Strength – my on-demand, home-workout platform that makes effective, strength and fitness training available to busy women like you who want to workout from home, with PT quality coaching.

Through my workouts I will champion you to become stronger, fitter and more mobile; physically more capable & functional and mentally more confident & resilient, driven by the notion of ‘strong in body, strong in mind’.

I draw on my cross-discipline qualifications & experience in strength & conditioning, pilates and pre/post natal training to program and coach my online workouts to be as effective as possible for you.

To help make the workouts enjoyable I’ll coach you with a warm, kind tone with calm, conscious coaching cues, and a mindful pace. This will help you connect more effectively with your muscles and core and achieve safe, sound technique so you can move with confidence. It also reduces the stress and anxiety surrounding exercise to help you feel like your workouts really are part of your “active self care”.

I’m here to inspire, empower and enthuse you with strength and energy… Just keep in mind, the motivation comes once you take action!

Lucinda Newman-Jones


Work out anytime, anywhere, on any device

Lucinda Following Online Workout