Fit to Thrive 28 Day Fitness Programme

Fit to Thrive 28 day Fitness Programme - Stronger, fitter, more energetic and healthier in 28 days

The Fit to Thrive 28 day programme gives you a step-by-step approach to positive, long lasting lifestyle choices. With workouts, stretch outs, nutrition, accountability, goal setting, educational and motivational tools, a supportive community and coach support & guidance.  Fit to Thrive gives you all the tools and support you need.

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Ready to make positive changes?

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    Ready to feel strong, fit, energetic and empowered?

    *Fed up of feeling unmotivated, lacking energy, struggling with dwindling body confidence and finding it too easy to forgo your workouts and fall back to unhealthy habits which you desperately want to kick to the curb?


    *Want to know the secret to boosting your metabolism, feeling more energised and building muscle tone?


    *Want to find a way back into regular fitness, create sustainable changes and build  lasting healthy habits? … but you know you need support, accountability and an experienced coach championing you through the process.


    *Ready to show up for yourself and give yourself the gift of active self care through short, effective workouts?


    *Fit to Thrive is the programme for you.


    *Over the 28 day programme I give you a clear step-by-step path to follow to take you from feeling unmotivated, fairly inactive and lacking energy to becoming stronger, fitter, more capable and confident, more energised and with boosted muscle tone and metabolism.


    What's Included


    Strengthening Workouts

    4 x workouts per week between 20-40mins (2 targeted strength workouts, 1 abs & core and 1 cardio) to get you active, energised and building strength, fitness & muscle tone.

    Mobilising Stretch-outs

    1 x mobility stretch session per week to alleviate stiffness and improve mobility

    Accountability Check-ins

    Weekly goal setting, check-ins, and evaluations to keep you on track and feedback to your coach so she knows how best to support you.

    Coach Support 24/7

    Access to your coach via our community or DM / email for extra support, guidance or motivation


    Access to our community of like-minded women all on the same journey; a safe space to share successes and struggles and support one another.

    Educational & Motivational Resources

    Weekly educational and motivational resources to help understand the why's behind the workouts to build long lasting healthy habits.

    Nutritional Guidance

    Nutritional Guidance PDF and Basal Metabolic Rate calculation to give information and ideas to best support your healthy, balanced nutritional intake.

    Meet your Trainer

    Lucinda Newman-Jones

    Lucinda Newman-Jones

    I'm Lucinda, I'm a mum of 3 and an award winning Personal Trainer. I am a specialist in coaching women's combining my 12+ years experience and qualifications in strength and consditioning, pilates and pre & post natal training.
    I champion women in the process of become a stronger, fitter, more energetic, confident and ultimately happier version of themselves.
    I know how much better I feel about myself when I'm looking after my health and fitness - it helps me to thrive and it seeps into other areas of my life - it helps my children, my family and everything around me to thrive too. I want to help as many women and mums as possible harness the power of strength and fitness - to reap all the rewards and experience the benefits in their lives too.

    Got Questions?

    It is a one off payment of £79 for the 28 day programme.  That’s less than £20 per week.

    You deserve to invest in you.

    This programme is for anyone who is ready to make positive changes with regards to their health and fitness.  It is suitable for any fitness level as I give progressions and regressions throughout the workouts.  As you advance and get stronger and fitter, simply up the weights you are using.

    This programme can be suitable for post natal providing you have been given the ‘all clear’ from your doctor to partake in exercise again. It is important that you listen to your own body, and take suitable adaptations to exercises where appropriate such as lowering the weight / using body weight only or choosing the suitable regressed / progressed version or lower impact / higher impact version for you.

    This programme is not specifically designed for pregnancy.

    This programme is not designed for anyone with a specific medical condition or injury.

    Dumbbells, a mini loop resistance band, a step (if you don’t have a step then a sturdy coffee table, chair, footstool or bench can work) and a pilates ball (if you don’t have a pilates ball then a cushion or pillow can work instead).

    As you grow stronger and get into your strength and fitness, many of our women choose to invest in heavier dumbbells which will keep them progressing.